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The Fourth Group is entirely run by volunteers. In less than a year, we’ve been able to build a community of over 1,500 people worldwide, with hub activity in London, Paris, Bogota, Berlin, Regensburg, Vancouver, Barcelona, Bratislava, and Bucharest.

We’ve run keynote speeches, roundtables, and dinners to bring the community together, and reached 10,000s more through our online content. We’ve also run hackathons where teams have created video-truth-feeds, apps to inform the electorate, and chatbots. All of this has been done by volunteers worldwide, passionate to make a difference. It’s been a fun year! (Check out our Instagram for highlights of what we’ve done and Facebook to join the conversation.)

And with your help and contributions, we’ll be able to do much more.

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By contributing today, you’ll help fuel our mission and help us achieve the following:

We’re currently developing the School of Politics, an online education platform to teach citizens the fundamentals of political participation.

We’re working together to define a new framework for global cooperation to address global problems.

We’ve also started developing the world’s first Politician AI to automate tasks politicians are expected to do.

And in November this year, we’re hosting our launch summit on The Future of Politics.

On top of all that, we will continue to build our community in North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

You’ll also help cover the running costs of hosting our websites, events, and administrative costs.

Thanks for all of your support!