Politics Summit 2018

Politics Summit 2018 will gather political leaders from parties, think-tanks, civic and campaigning organisations from around the world to discuss the most pressing political issues of our time.

This event will include panel discussions, keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and break-out sessions.

Global citizens and leaders will be invited to this ticketed summit.

The focus of 2018’s summit will be how political actors must respond to the fourth industrial revolution and all of the opportunities and challenges it brings.

In November 2017, we hosted our inaugural summit on the future of politics (click here to read all about it).

This year promises to be even bigger!

We already have over 20+ speakers confirmed for Politics Summit 2018, including:

Ed Saperia (Founder, Newspeak House), Vyacheslav Polonski (Oxford Internet Institute), Mete Coban (CEO, MyLifeMySay), Juri Schnöller (Co-founder, Cosmonauts and Kings), Malini Mehra (CEO, GLOBE International), Sabina Ciofu (Policy Advisor, European Parliament), Jon Barnes (author, Democracy Squared), Jade Leung (Rhodes Scholar), Steven Raga (Chair, National Federation for Filipino American Associations), Ed Dowding (CEO, represent.me), Areeq Chowdhury (CEO, WebRoots), Adam Jacoby (Chief Steward, MiVote), Theo Bachrach (Policy & Government Affairs Manager, BritishAmerican Business), Chase Helton (CEO, Chase Helton Communications), Abi Wilkinson (Writer, Guardian), Mendell Grinter (Founder and Executive Director, Campaign for School Equity), Ian Hogarth (Co-Founder and Chairman, SoundKick), Neal Lawson (Chair, Compass), Sho Alexander Sugihara (Co-Founder, Portify)  and more…

We are now approaching politicians from across-the political spectrum from around the world

If you want to come, register your interest by emailing “I want to go to Politics Summit 2018” in the subject line to join@fourth.group.