We want to create a new politics. Now. Together.

We believe that there is an urgent need for a new politics.

We believe that there is a need to transcend traditional political ideologies and think beyond old ways, in the content of an uncertain, fast-moving, global, digital, and ever-changing world.

We believe that political institutions and political ideas are in need of a systematic update.

Our mission is to rethink politics to improve the state of the world.

This new politics can only be created by all of us.

We believe that the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution represents the inevitable advent of a new politics.

That is why we set up The Fourth Group.

We are an independent and diverse group of people working together to create a new politics in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. Political people, activists, technologists, philosophers, academics, teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, artists, young and old, from around the world. We are a member-driven organisation where people organise meetups and hackathons, collaborate and share ideas, write articles and use and build the latest tech to improve politics.

The fourth industrial revolution represents a new stage of global progress driven by exponential technological advancements. Artificial intelligence, mobile technologies, the Internet of Things, mixed reality and cyber-physical systems are fundamentally changing our society, our economies, and our politics. The revolution is shifting the way we live and work, and it is expanding our understanding of what is possible.

This brings many challenges and opportunities.

Throughout history, each age and every industrial revolution has generated new movements and political ideas.

The immediate purpose of this is a space to reflect together on the EU Referendum and its impact on the world, and think together about how we can respond practically. Longer term, the purpose of this group is to answer the big question: What should a new politics in the context of the fourth industrial revolution look like?

Our first major project will be a Global Listening Campaign. We will reach out to as many people as possible to ask what they believe the new politics should be. Using contributions from Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, and a survey, we’ll create a shared vision for a new politics, together. More details to follow soon, including information about our next meeting.

Let us come together, now, to create the new politics.

Join us.

Let us know what you think the new politics should be: