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Since The Fourth Group was established, our mission has been to understand the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on global society and to develop solutions in response to new pressing challenges.

As part of that work, we have run workshops, seminars, lectures, hackathons, to develop new ideas, concepts, policies, forms of civic action, and leaders. We recognise that the creation of a new politics is done through external ideation and civic action, and the hard grind of internal innovation and improvement of current institutions.

Historically, change has come from new ideas, innovative and informed leadership, engaged citizens, political entrepreneurs, technological advancements, and most importantly it has come from the implementation of these innovations.

With that, we offer a range of support and services, with a primary expertise in civic engagement, innovation, leadership, research and policy. We offer initial assessments to evaluate needs as a starting point.


Here are a few case studies of how we’ve worked with institutions in the intersection of politics, governance, and technology.

Political tech innovation

Client challenge
.tech run hackathons worldwide and sponsored one of our hackathons. The theme for the hackathon was “automating tasks politicians do”.

The winning team developed a chatbot called Civic Triage which helps users access relevant local services. The Hackathon was delivered with help from Google and Amazon employees. Commercial partnership which enabled .tech to reach out to start-up entrepreneurs and talented individuals who they targeted to use .tech products and services.

“We partnered with The Fourth Group’s unique hackathon for automating tasks that politicians undertake. We enjoyed working with them for a successful two-day event where talented and passionate people came together with innovative ideas to create new technologies. We wish The Fourth Group remarkable success for all their endeavors and look forward to collaborating with them again for their future hackathons.” – Suman Das (Brand Manager)

Future-proof policy & practice

Client challenge:
Understanding the current and potential challenges in policy caused by technology, and developing innovative ways technology can be used to improve their capacities.

Ran a workshop which provoked and surprised participants. Teams developed potential policy ideas such as “future” studies, and considered new technologies such as holograms and social media analyses for work use.

“The group really liked your input and they mentioned this in the evaluation forms.” – Stefan (Educational Advisor)

Action and leadership in the digital age

Client challenge
Running an introductory political leadership training for adults.

Improved political literacy and increased understanding of methodologies to create change, including community organising, digital campaigning, and lobbying. Participants wanted to learn more, and we are now planning another workshop, this time over two days.

“We worked with The Fourth Group to run a workshop on civic action in the digital age. I enjoyed working with them to deliver what was a top event: they were organised, delivered on logistics smoothly, and worked in a highly collaborative and impactful manner. They sourced a great venue and top keynote speaker, and the participants gave an average 5/5 score in their feedback forms. We enjoyed it so much that we will be working with them again to deliver yet another workshop on a bigger and deeper scale.” – Matteo Bergamini (CEO)


“I back the important work The Fourth Group does.” – Geoff (CEO)

“It was such an excellent session and I loved your curation & facilitation of the entire session, ensuring that key people had the chance to speak.” – Yemi (Head of Global Shapers)

“A distinguished voice among peers and a global thought-leader” – Ben (Head of Partnerships)

“I really enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot about forward-looking initiatives around the world which pushed me to ensure my entrepreneurial work is future proof. Their team is passionate, and I look forward to their next session in Germany.” – Adriana (participant)

We are proud to say that the Fourth Group has been recognised by the following organisations for our work. In just over a year, we have been awarded for being a key thought-leader and actor in this space.

We look forward to continuing this work with people and organisations in governments, businesses, and citizens worldwide.


Please contact us at if you’d like to hear more about our services and/or if you’re interested in working with us.