Annual Review 2017

Here are some of this year’s highlights for The Fourth Group:

  • Our community grew, with hundreds more people joining online.
  • We also started new hubs in Paris, Berlin, and Bogota.
  • Our team hosted and participated in events in London, Boston, Lisbon, Prague, Regensburg, Strasbourg, and Vancouver.
  • We worked together to create a vision for a new institution fit for the digital age as part of the New Shape Prize organised by the Global Challenges Foundation. We did this through ideation sessions worldwide, with the support of some amazing advisors.
  • We ran a political technology hackathon to automate tasks politicians do. We had technologists, political experts, designers, and citizens work together to build new technology. The winning team, Civic Triage, created a chatbot which automated the task of politicians’ surgeries, allowing citizens to access information about services.
  • We hosted our inaugural annual summit with some amazing speakers, community collaboration, and provocative and action-oriented discussions.
  • We welcomed new members to the team including Tat-Seng Chiam, Alina O’Keeffe, Harry Quilter-Pinner, and Emily Shipp.
  • Our community volunteers stepped up to run events and projects, including Aida Martinez, Dani Fernandez, Leah Bae, Grace Blakeley, Abi Ramanan, Marine Shah, Olivia Drost, Summer Steel, Andrei Kosorus, Q Mannan, Dennis Wedderkop, Christian Busch, Samuel Hilton, Nick Mason, Sarah Webster, Ravi Patel, Helena Poole, Abhas, Jerome Sim, Annie Liu, Hoagy Davis-Digges, Christopher Bull, Victoria Younespour, Hamish Falconer, Melanie Smallman, Christos Gatsios, Nitesh Srivastava, Miguel Esparza, Symeon Brown, Eshaan Akbar, and Kirsty Styles.
  • We built our alliance of community organisers worldwide, including leaders like Anthony McGuire, James George Butcher, Pablo Restrepo, Angelica Baron, Bryn Larkman, Jash Subhodeep, Sonya Ong, and Abdoulaye Doucoure.
  • We shared our work and impact at Web Summit, TOA Berlin, London Futurists Annual Conference, the World Economic Forum, and TEDx.
  • We received funding to carry out the foundational phase of our forthcoming Global Citizens’ Inquiry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and confirmed UCL as official partners for the inquiry.
  • We confirmed a stellar cast of new advisors for our Inquiry including Malini Mehra (CEO, GLOBE Legislators), Dr Jason Blackstock (Head, STEaPP Department, UCL), Jon Barnes (Author, Democracy Squared), Toni Cowan-Brown (Vice President, NationBuilder), John Lazar CBE (Former CEO, MetaSwitch Ltd), and Tanya Filer (Cambridge Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge).
  • We launched our Patreon campaign and supporters project which helped crowdfund for The Fourth Group.
  • And we worked with some amazing partners and supporters including Radix, Republic, Trilogy Properties, Google, Amazon, Effective Altruism, London School of Economics, UCL, M&C Saatchi, Council of Europe, The Rain Gods, Forward Institute, Singularity University, and Newspeak House.

What next?

Here are our major projects for 2018:

  • Global Citizens’ Inquiry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (
  • Political Technology Hackathon 2018 (21-22 July 2018)
  • Politics Summit 2018 (13 November 2018)
  • Growth of our community through recruitment of new community organisers worldwide
  • Development of our community leaders
  • Fundraising

By the end of next year, we would have listened to citizens worldwide to understand what civil society believes are the most pressing issues in regards to the fourth industrial revolution. We would have developed our own global agenda of policies and technology solutions in response to those major challenges. And we would have geared up for a year of action to enact the change we want to see, beginning 2019. We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us!

Massive thank you to everyone who is part of our community! Let’s make 2018 even better!

Enjoy the Holiday Season,

From The Fourth Group team