Alvin Carpio to step down as CEO of The Fourth Group in February 2020

Statement from The Fourth Group

Monday, December 9, 2019 3:00pm GMT

LONDON, UK. The Fourth Group, a public advocacy group formed to shape the fourth industrial revolution for all, leaving nobody behind, announced today that Founder and CEO Alvin Carpio will be stepping down after three years’ service. Mr. Carpio will remain in his role as CEO until February 2020, at which time The Fourth Group will announce the appointment of his successor.

Mr. Carpio said: “The Fourth Group was established as a vehicle to understand the impact of technology on politics and society, and to ensure ordinary folks’ interests were sought, heard, and understood, with the purpose of shaping the fourth industrial revolution for all, leaving nobody behind. As founder, I am proud of what we have achieved together so far.

“Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, I will no longer be able to run The Fourth Group as its full-time CEO.

“Going forward, I commit to supporting the organisation until February 2020 to ensure a proper transition into the next chapter of The Fourth Group’s story. I believe the foundations for future action and change are set, and it is with this confidence that I am excited to pass on the leadership of the organisation.”

Following his departure in February 2020, Mr. Carpio will remain active as a founding voluntary member of The Fourth Group’s democratic membership organisation, United Citizens, which coordinates campaigns democratically to address issues related to the fourth industrial revolution. 

About The Fourth Group

The Fourth Group (London, UK) is a public advocacy group, founded in 2016 in order to reshape the fourth industrial revolution for all, leaving nobody behind. The group is non-partisan and independent, and focuses on research and campaigning to hold tech companies to account. The Fourth Group also hosts an annual conference – Politics Summit – to bring together the world’s foremost thinkers in technology, society and politics in debate and discussion about the future of the fourth industrial revolution.


Alex King (Head of Research, The Fourth Group)