The Future Of Politics | Inaugural Annual Summit

The Future of Politics Summit is The Fourth Group’s first global gathering to discuss the future of politics worldwide, in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. We’ll specifically cover the intersection between politics and technology, and hear from thought-leaders and practitioners. Our aim is to understand the major political challenges and opportunities caused by the fourth industrial revolution, and how we must respond as global citizens. You can get tickets here.

Confirmed speakers

Other speakers and agenda to be announced in the lead up to the summit.


Throughout the summit, we will focus on four major pillars which are crucial in building a new politics for the future:

POLITICAL IDEAS In previous industrial revolutions, new political philosophies (libertarianism, marxism, utilitarianism, and other -isms) and ideas sprung out which influenced the way people thought and therefore how people acted. What are the new models of governance, organising, and political thinking that will guide and direct the future of politics?

POLITICAL ENTREPRENEURS Out of the first three industrial revolutions, we saw the rise of new movements, communities, and groups of people who collectively came together to respond to the major challenges of their day (Chartists, Luddites, Fabians, Capitalists). Each was started by what we call, political entrepreneurs. What are the new movements and communities that are arising in response to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, and how to do develop political entrepreneurs to help tackle the major challenges we face?

POLITICAL TECHNOLOGY The fourth industrial revolution brings many challenges such as the automation of the labour force, the ethical implications of AI, and the impact of social media on political debate. It also gives humanity the tools to innovate and address old political problems such as low-voter turnout and a lack of diversity in the political class. How can we use technology to improve the future of politics?

CHANGE What can we do together as global citizens, governments, businesses, the media, and civic groups to proactively respond to the fourth industrial revolution?

The full agenda will be shared prior to the summit.

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There are only 100 tickets, and we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You can get tickets here.

Who should come?

People in politics (policy-makers, activists, campaigners, politicians, civil servants), technology (entrepreneurs, professionals in AI, developers, people who work in tech companies), journalists interested in the intersection between politics and technology, and every citizen interested in the future of politics.

What will you get from the conference?

  • Knowledge, ideas, and solutions in regards to politics in the context of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Meet the technology innovators who are developing digital products and services to improve and disrupt politics
  • Meet the political innovators who are actively responding to the challenges and opportunities brought about by technology
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities brought about by the new industrial revolution

About The Fourth Group

The Fourth Group was established to understand the social, economic, and political impact of the fourth industrial revolution, and to develop solutions. Our mission is to build a global community of people actively responding to the new challenges and opportunities in the digital age. Politically, we aren’t left or right – we are forward; toward a better future for mankind.

Since we were established in the summer of 2016, we have created an online community of over 1,700 people and have run hub activities around the world in Berlin, Bogota, Bratislava, Bucharest, London, Paris, Prague, Regensburg, and Vancouver. We are a diverse group of people including political scientists, AI experts, campaigners, developers, civil servants, C-level executives, academics, designers, students, artists, entrepreneurs, and politicians. Our people are passionate and solution driven and they meet to develop new technologies, philosophies, and visions for a new politics in the digital age. We are powered entirely by volunteers.

What do we do?

We convene, collaborate, and create. We have organised keynote speeches, roundtables, and dinners to bring the community together.

  • We’re currently developing the School of Politics, an online education platform to teach citizens the fundamentals of political participation.
  • We’re working together to define a new framework for global cooperation to address global problems.
  • We’ve also started developing the world’s first Politician AI to automate tasks politicians are expected to do through our hackathons where teams have created video-truth-feeds, apps to inform the electorate, and chatbots.
  • On top of all that, we plan to expand our offline communities to North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Who have we worked with?

As an independent voluntary organisation, we have worked with and partnered with governments, businesses (start-ups, major technology companies, and others), the media, and civic organisations who have helped in a variety of ways. This includes sponsorship, and pro bono support with speakers, community growth, strategic thinking, programme advice, and venues. We are grateful to everyone who has helped our community thus far. If you would like to partner with us, email

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