This app promises to humanise bureaucracy

Last month The Fourth Group hosted a Politician AI Hackathon which challenged teams to automate tasks politicians do. The winning team was Civic Triage, a customer service platform targeted at people who want to engage with government. Here’s their pitch! “How can we optimise citizens’ interactions with the state? We wanted to address a number Read more about This app promises to humanise bureaucracy[…]

Can We Replace Politicians With Machines? TEDx Talk

“Can we replace politicians with machines?” That’s the question our founder discussed in this TEDx Talk which you can watch here: Here are a few reasons behind the talk: 1. To bring the issue of automation directly to policy-makers 2. To open up a debate about the value and role of politicians in the digital Read more about Can We Replace Politicians With Machines? TEDx Talk[…]

Reimagining a new political framework for global cooperation

Amidst political turmoil around the world, changes in the power balance between East and West, and the rise of nationalism; the issues of war, famine, climate change and poverty persist. The existing global governance structures that dominate were established in the 20th century, at a time when the world was very different. There is no Read more about Reimagining a new political framework for global cooperation[…]

Our plans for 2017

2016 was monumental. 2017 will be bigger. In response, we are creating a new politics, together. This year is shaping up to be yet another significant year in global politics: The fourth industrial revolution continues to impact our economies and societies, the UN has a new General Secretary, Britain continues its Brexit negotiations, the US will Read more about Our plans for 2017[…]

6 articles about the impact of tech on the US election

Here are links to six articles detailing the link between technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and the 2016 US Presidential election. Enjoy! Dear Donald Trump: Do Not Fear the Future of Work 4 Ways Technology Has Impacted Presidential Elections How technology ruined politics (and vice versa) Is America Ready for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’? Read more about 6 articles about the impact of tech on the US election[…]

Why do we want to create a new politics?

Our world is changing. We are now at the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, a new stage of global progress driven by exponential technological advancements. The revolution is shifting the way we live, work, and play. It is expanding our understanding of what is possible. Artificial intelligence, mobile technologies, big data, the Internet of Read more about Why do we want to create a new politics?[…]