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Join our online community

We have over 2,000 people in our online community including passionate political actors, ambitious entrepreneurs, talented technologists, and global citizens. They all share a desire to understand the changes that are happening, to learn from each other, and to actively participate as community members.

Run a hub in your community

We have people all over the world building hubs and growing The Fourth Group community. These leaders run events, share knowledge, support each other, and work with each other to create a new politics. Whilst every hub is different and unique, every one shares the common goal of understanding the impact of the fourth industrial revolution and developing solutions to new major problems. If you’re interested in founding and leading a hub, email join@fourth.group.

Become a sponsor and patron

The Fourth Group is seeking start-up funding for a delivery team. The key costs will be in the expansion of the global community, staff, and admin costs as well as fundraising and piloting costs. We would like to encourage potential investors to support us in the short term by becoming a sponsor and patron. In return, we offer co-branding opportunities, logo placement and acknowledgement of sponsorship on marketing tools, acknowledgement on our website and press releases, mentions on social media, and acknowledgement of support at patron gatherings. If you would like to become a sponsor and patron, email join@fourth.group.

Become a partner

We know that change happens when people and organisations come together and work with each other. In the past we have co-organised seminars and workshops, hackathons, keynote speeches, and private roundtable discussions. We have also advised organisations on what technology is available to improve their business and service delivery. If you would like to explore partnerships with us, email join@fourth.group.