What we do


We are building a global community of people who are working together to create a new politics.


We create politech (political technology) to exponentially improve politics worldwide.


We inform people about the impact of technological advancements on politics, society, and the global economy.


We are creating a new political philosophy which is rooted in the realities of our world today.

About us

We bring people together to create a new politics.

The fourth industrial revolution is fundamentally reshaping the way we live, work, and play. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, mobile technologies, the Internet of Things, mixed reality, and cyber-physical systems are all changing our homes, economies, and societies. We are a non-partisan and independent global community of people working together to create a new politics in the context of this fourth industrial revolution.


Simon Anholt

Expertise: International

Alveena Malik

Expertise: Non-profit start-up growth

Lajuanda Asemota

Expertise: Technological innovation and diversity

Alex Harrison

Expertise: Social impact and PR

Patricia Kempff

Expertise: Private and public sector engagement

Alina O’Keeffe

Head of Digital
Leading our digital content

Tat-Seng Chiam

Head of Operations
Leading decisions for operational activities

Sofia Galanek

Assistant Editor, Foreword
Managing content for our online media publication.

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