Community Values

The Fourth Group community embraces the following values. They underpin who we are, what we do, and guide the growth and activities of our community:

Global mindset – we are global citizens

Political independence – we are not left, nor right, we are forward

Ambitious – we want to change the world

Humble – we work with the world as it is, to create the world we want it to be

Futurist – we are forward-thinking

Creative and innovative – we want to do things that have not been done before

Entrepreneurial – we are a community of doers and people who make things happen out of nothing

Inclusive – we are an open community

Collaborative – we value each other, we work together, and we learn from each other

Diverse – we involve people from all walks of life

Respectful – we listen to and value people’s contributions

Optimistic – we are optimistic about the future and the opportunities open to us today

Committed – we are determined to come up with better solutions to address today’s problems