Help us change the world

Have you got an idea that could solve the world’s biggest issues? If so, you could win a day working alongside a senior leader at an exciting start up and be part of a team addressing some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

The Fourth Group seeking to demonstrate how we can create a global governance framework able to deal with the biggest global threats to humanity.   We are interested to seek the expertise of people who might be working in or studying areas like Human Rights, Global Governance, Law and International Development.  We are inviting our members to send responses to the following questions by 22nd June.  You can answer one or both questions and there is no minimum word limit but we require answers no more than 1,000 words.  Your ideas may also be taken forward as we submit an application to the Global Challenges Foundation – and hopefully we will join with others as we tackle humanity’s biggest issues.

We will offer the best 3 applicants the opportunity to take part in our Global Challenge Conference on 24th June in London.  We will provide up to £200 towards your travel costs.   The best response we have to each question will also be offered a day of work shadowing with a member of the senior leadership team with the exciting tech start up firm ET Index Research or at the innovative social enterprise BeyondMe.

You can submit a response to one or both of the questions below, each answer should be no longer than 1,000 words.  We ask everyone who submits an answer to join the Fourth Group community and be part of creating a new politics.


Question 1

A framework for global governance must be designed so that it can effectively and efficiently deal with today’s great challenges and threats to humanity. But it must also be flexible enough to be able to deal with yet unknown challenges. How can that be achieved? How can long-term commitment and protection against potential power abuse and expansion of mandate beyond what is in the interest of all be combined with the ability to change in the face of changing challenges?

Question 2

What are the main challenges in drawing the line between the internal affairs of a nation-state, and the common concerns of humanity as a whole and how important is it that this line is drawn with precision in a new model of global governance?  Does state sovereignty necessarily have to be given up to a certain extent in order to forge effective global collaboration? What are the most successful incentives to states to date to give up their sovereignty for the ‘greater good’?

Question 3

Describe a political philosophy which will underpin the work of this new global institution.


Please submit your answers as a word document before midnight on the 22nd June 2017.  On your front page please provide your full name and contact phone number.

All submissions should be made by emailing them to and you will receive a confirmation of receipt.

You can also be part of the debate online, by joining the conversation on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #NewShapePrize