Will you join us to solve the Global Challenges of our time?

Amidst political turmoil around the world, changes in the power balance between East and West, and the rise of nationalism; the issues of war, famine, climate change and poverty persist.  The existing global governance structures were established after the Second World War, at a time when the world was very different.  While these institutions still play crucial roles, many are not suited to address new challenges that have arisen out of this technological age. We need a new institution that is capable of developing new solutions to new problems – and so we are asking: can we develop a framework of global governance which provides legitimacy, accountability, transparency, and flexibility for the fast changing world that we live in?

Throughout history, new ideas and institutions were born out of new issues. On the hills ancient Greece, Western democracy was born out of the need to tackle the city-problems of Athens. In 17th Century England, political parties were born to organise through assembly politics. After World War II, the UN was born out of the need to create peace and bring together previously warring nations to work together. Today, the fourth industrial revolution brings new challenges and opportunities, which is why The Fourth Group believes that we are at the cusp of the creation of a new type of political institution. This is what we want to build with you.

This is by no means an easy task.  But if you have the ideas, experience and time to be part of our Global Challenge Team this is an opportunity to be part of a coalition of people and organisations from around the world seeking to tackle some of the biggest challenges that humanity faces.  Over the next five months we will be putting together an application to the Global Challenges Foundation who are offering a $5m prize to the organisations with ideas to address these issues.  We want people like you to share their ideas and expertise for the Fourth Group bid. 

You can do this by

  • Engaging with our online conversations through the Fourth Group’s online forums on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #NewShapePrize
  • Submitting written responses to the essay questions
  • Joining our Global Challenge Conference on 24thJune where we will invite* members of our community to consider issues in more detail (details to follow). 
  • Spreading the word and telling others to get involved too!

*If you want to be part of the Global Challenge Conference please send an email to join@fourth.group providing a couple of sentences on the expertise you bring and why you want to be involved. 

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